Director desk

Message from the director

It is an utmost pleasure to lead this company from the front since its inception in 1999. Yash Poly Industries has made an immense progress over the past two decades right from where we started- a small factory in Ringanwada, Daman(U.T) to establishing several state-of-art integrated manufacturing units in Daman, Satna and Bhiwadi. Our company has never compromised on quality as it is the foundation of our business

We always put people first, whether they are the employees, suppliers or our customers and keep them ahead. We plan on building concrete and long-lasting relationships no matter what the cost. Our experience and expertise has made us one of the leading manufacturers of our segment.

We are humbled by the response we have received from our small and large customers and this inspires us to set new benchmarks and surpass our customer expectations every time

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