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Repurpose Consignment Sales | Consignment Store in San Francisco CA
Repurpose Consignment Sales
33 reviews
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About Us | Repurpose Consignment Sales

Repurpose Consignment Sales is an auction consignment company based in San Francisco, CA 94105. Repurpose Consignment Sales streamlines the process of turning your valuable Items into cash effortlessly. We specialize in selling a wide range of Items with an auction value of $100.00 or higher. Our top priority is ensuring the security and satisfaction of our clients, as we handle all the necessary tasks on their behalf.

With a robust fleet of trucks and over 50 distribution centers, Repurpose Consignment Sales offers convenient services to clients. By visiting our website at or contacting us via phone, or email clients can easily schedule an appointment. Our dedicated trading assistants will then visit their home, business, or storage facility at a time that suits their convenience. They will collect the valuable Items, leaving the clients worry-free.

Once collected, the Items are transported to one of our well-equipped distribution centers. Here, our team of experts professionally photographs the Items and creates detailed descriptions. We take advantage of reputable online platforms like eBay or Craigslist to list the Items for sale. Our diligent staff handles all inquiries from potential Buyers, providing comprehensive answers and assistance throughout the process.

When a successful sale is made and payment has been received, Repurpose Consignment Sales takes care of packaging and shipping the Items to their new owners. Our reliable shipping services ensure that the Items reach their destination safely and securely. Repurpose Consignment Sales offers a hassle-free experience, allowing you to unlock the value of your Items without any unnecessary hassle. Trust Us to handle the entire process efficiently, from Item retrieval to Payment Collection and Shipping. Visit our website or contact us today to get started!"