Hardness Specific Gravity Thermal Stability @ 200° C Volume Resistivity Tensile Strength Elongation Application
Test Method ASTM D2240 ASTM D 792 IS:5831 ASTM D257 ASTM D 412 ASTM D 412
Units Shore A Minutes 1x1012 Ώ.CM N/mm2 %
Tolerance ± 3 ± 0.02
YP-MB-BLACK 89 1.56 50 1.1 x 1012 11.0 210 Black
YP-MB-BLACK-D 90 1.45 80 1.1 x 1012 11.0 210 Dark Black

Rolliflex TUV Rheinland
Rolliflex TUV Rheinland
Rolliflex TUV Rheinland
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